Monday, June 18, 2012

Set Up Your Cockpit

Small adjustments make a big difference
A wobbly stem, Brake lever clamps contact your grips and Unreachable gear levers are all indications that your cockpit is purely set-up. If you've never adjusted your handlebar setup, you're not alone. A lot of mountain bikers have overlooked this area on their bike. Some have had their bike for years and have just grown accustomed to their incorrect setup. Taking just a few minutes to adjust your handlebar controls properly can drastically improve the way you ride. From increased braking power to smoother shifting.

You want to make sure that your stem is aligned with your front wheel. Also shorting the stem can offer the rider more controle of the bike. Though for the taller rider adding a longer stem may give you that extra inch to keep you down on your ride.

Brake Lever Spacing & Angle
Many people place their brake lever right up against their handlebar grip because it looks nice. This places your fingers too close to the brake lever pivot, which tires out your hands and leads to decreased braking power. To figure out the proper position, grip your handlebars at the very outermost spot. Stretch out your pointer finger and then position your brake accordingly. The proper Brake Lever angle varies from rider to rider. Hop on your bike and see what feels most comfortable and causes the least amount of wrist strain.

Once you have moved your brake levers into their proper location, you’ll want to adjust your shifters. Position them so that you can easily access them without accidentally catching the brake levers. Shift through a complete cycle while seated on your bike to make certain they aren’t in the way of your brake levers.

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