Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Over the bar and through the woods

Old and in the way Bike Club, Mountain biking at Huntington State Park, Bethel, CT

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Reading - Part 2 - Rider Mel's Mountain Bike Guide to Ontario

Again, this is not a book club, but I have found another great book. Rider Mel's Mountain Bike Guide to Ontario. This guide will definitely enlighten you and help you discover some of the best riding in Ontario. Plus it is packed with great MTB tips for all riders.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Reading - Part 1 - Bicycle Repair Manual

This is not a book club, but I have to tell you about a great book I just got. Bicycle Repair Manual by Chris Sidwells. This well-illustrated guide for the repair and maintenance of all types of bicycles, with understandable instructions, including monthly and annual service guides, emergency repairs, and a trouble-shooting chart. Not for those with no familiarity with bicycles or tools, it can be used to great advantage as a quick reference by those with some prior knowledge. Repairs are divided into chapters covering brakes, wheels and tires, transmissions, bearings, and routine maintenance chores. The explanations for mechanical processes are excellent, with many sections employing photographs or illustrations to detail the repair step-by-step.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A vacation without my bike is not a vacation.

Hello boys and girls, I will be on vacation next week and unable to join you for our weekly ride. I will be in Grand Bend cottaging with the family. Because of all the items we need to pack for the new little guy this year, there is no room for my bike. A vacation without my bike is not a vacation. I will be itching to get out with you when I get back. This Tuesday, while I am away, you will have to pick the location to ride. So speak up and let everyone know where you would like to ride this Tuesday. Try not to have too much fun with out me.

-Gorilla on a bike

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Poisonous hogweed infests Toronto’s Don Valley

Heads up for anyone biking at the Don....

A poisonous plant that can cause boils and blindness is growing near running trails in Toronto’s Don Valley.

The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority says there are infestations of giant hogweed throughout the ravine in the Finch and Bayview area.

No one is sure how it began growing in the Don Valley, but it’s possible some hogweed growing in the Markham area travelled downstream, said the conservation authority’s restoration services project manager, Karen McDonald. The Humber River Watershed is also home to the weed, she said.

“When they populate into an area frequented by people, it becomes a real human health concern,” she said.

Serious blisters develop when the plant’s sap touches human skin, Ms. McDonald said.

“I wouldn’t mess around with it just because of the severity of how it infects you,” Ms. McDonald said.

The sap is photosensitive, which means it becomes even more toxic when exposed to sunlight. People should immediately wash the area with soap and cool water and go to the hospital if the sap touches their skin, she said. Hogweed can also cause temporary or permanent blindness if the sap comes into contact with eyes.

Giant hogweed is not native to Canada. The plant comes from the Caucasus Mountains region, at the borders of Europe and Asia, Ms. McDonald said.

Infestations have also been spotted recently in the Ottawa and Halton regions, she said.

Toronto conservation workers will either dig up the plants, use a herbicide or mow over them repeatedly to kill them.

Greasy & Thick

Great ride last night everyone. It was so humid it felt more like swimming then biking. The trails were greasy and the air was so thick you could eat it, this ride was going to be pure punishment. Twenty two of us set out into Copeland forest last night with one common goal in mind, "lets have fun"! BUT...not all of us did. Less then ten minuets into the ride Brad, out for the very first time this year, lost the bolt that held on his crank-arm to his bike and was forced to walk back to the parking lot to wait. Only minuets later Geoff started suffering from serve heat exhaustion. He was complaining of dizziness, nausea and muscle cramps. This is when I knew it was going to be a rough ride. It didn't help that our lead rider Wayne was not taking it easy on us, taking us up climb after climb. After two more hours of event-free riding, we were ripping down the double-track on the way out when Joel tried some kind of transition over loose soil and did a six foot face-slide. Still by the end of the ride all of our heads were high and smiles filled our faces. This just goes to show you it takes a lot to break the spirits of MTB enthusiasts'.

Monday, July 12, 2010

My Bike's on Crack!

I did it again! I cracked the frame. Thank goodness for the life time warranty. Rob, at Total Sports-The Bike Shop ROCKS! He is helping me out big time, by handling the claim for me. Thanks Rob.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cheers to another great ride!

What a Hot Ride lats night. 35° WOW! I'm surprised no one got heat exhaustion. It's a good thing we had some cold Stellas to cool us down after the ride. Cheers, until next Tuesday. Go CTS Go!

Dillo in the City

Good day fellow riders, it's certainly been awhile. I thought I'd add my two cents by letting you all know, I'am still alive and trekking out new territory each day. Life in the concrete jungle of Toronto has replaced my well ridden and beloved trails of Midland, to well, a more urbanized version. I'll admit it's not as great as the sweat bucket evenings and wing-fed nights, but it does carry it's fair share of excitement. I thought I'd share a few thoughts on how I do it on a daily basis, using my never resting imagination. For starters I should mention I am a fairly aggressive cyclist... With a history of trail riding, I now weave between the notorious door-prize instead of equally avoidable trees, dodge streetcar tracks and small children over roots and rocks and of course, climb my way up traffic and pedestrian filled hills of ashfault over the lush earthy dirt of Copelands rooty ensamble. On that I've caught myself on a few occasions, in a few turrencial downpours, tornado fed winds (one hit the downtown core last year) and bitter cold hail storms. Toronto certainly is an experience of it's own. I love it most of the time, and considering I can get around the city faster than any other form of transit to date in is a pretty great feeling. Although with all this said I wouldn't be able to do it without the countless bike shops, cycle events, workshops, hidden routes, and the beloved DVP trails. So on that note, the idea of living in the city without my bike is an obvious cause for a shit cancellation. ;)

Cheers and be well fellow riders


Monday, July 5, 2010

Things not to do on a bicycle(plus some funny ones to try)

hahaha google earth fail U+2193.svg

I thought i would use my first blog post to share some funny pics i have come across on the internet.....enjoy

p.s i would not recommend trying any of these unless you REALLY want the crash of the year award

Tecnicaly chanllenging

We all have that place that challenge's our technical ability, some love it some hate it but its all in what you take from the experience .... the harder trials you ride the the better your skill become... Sure the first, second or maybe even the third time you ride at that particular place it might be more of a hike a bike for you..... but don't be afraid to try stuff.... there is some technical riders among us so don't be shy ask one how they do it... Start with the smaller stuff and work your way up and before you know it you look back at something you just rode and say SERIOUSLY how did I just clean that section......

I recently rode with a group at Buckwallow a place that if you've been there you know how fun and challenging some sections of that place can be ...... but the reward for cleaning a section can be so fulfilling... and I saw that on the face's all the riders that day especialy the first timers.... I remember the look well because I had it not too long ago... there is still section there that I love to ride and still very challenging but as my skills improve so do the need for new challenges.

I found all that and more in a place called Porcupine ridge... so if there is anybody out there that love's the buck but thinks there ready to step it up and have that feeling all over again you know what you need to do...... Cancel that $#!% and get out here.....

Friday, July 2, 2010

CTS Gulf Island Riding - Quadra Island BC

This short vid is from a trip back home on Vancouver Island, riding on Quadra Island (a short ferry ride from Campbell River). I didn't get to do as much biking as I would have liked on the trip but did get some snowboarding on Whistler/Blackcomb with some buddies and some surfing in Tofino along with a alot of miles visiting family and friends. If you ever find your way out there and want to try some 'alternative spots' riding... try the Gulf Islands. The whole experience of catching a ferry to these small communities and hitting the less travelled singletrack is worth the time getting there. And the scenery will blow your mind. If you get to Quadra Island I'm sure I can hook you up with a place to stay... as long as your OK sleeping in an old converted school bus or Yurt..... Can't wait to get back there and do it again!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

CTS Montage

Make That Old Bike Feel New Again

I know some of you guys are out there every week rockin' it on that vintage cycle. You keep telling yourself "I need a new bike." Well, if you don't have the cash for a new bike right now I found a great article on the Top 9 Ways to make that old bike feel new again. by Carl Martens on MTObikes.com Here are the highlights: 1. Get A Tune-Up! 2. Replace Cables 3. Replace Drivetrain (I just did) 4. Rebuild Suspension Components 5. Upgrade Parts 6. Clean Your Bike (You should clean your bike after every ride, it will help a lot) 7. Try A Different Configuration 8. Try Different Tires 9. Get a Pro Fitting. I hope this helps make your current ride feel new again.

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