Friday, May 11, 2012

Copeland Forest Stewardship Update 001

Hello fellow MTBer's. Last night myself and Ted Greatrix meet with the other members of the Stewardship Committee to review the 4-season biological inventory of Copeland Forest that was completed in March. This was the first time the members of the Stewardship Committee have meet together, in an effort to review the science report, and start to digest this information. The discussions did not include any terms of reference for the Committee. There will be a facilitated meeting soon where this work will begin.

The big highlight for me was that there is a large infestation of the Invasive Species, Garlic Mustard, near the Pine Ridge Entrance of Copeland Forest. If left unchecked, Garlic Mustard will out-compete all other species, and take over the forest. It also changes the chemical composition of the soil, so that even after it is picked, nothing can grow. For that reason, a recovery strategy will also be required.

Pick it whenever you see it! Try and get the whole root.

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