Monday, September 12, 2011


Hello. How 'bout that ride in? I guess that's why they call it mountain biking. [laughs] You guys might not know this, but I consider myself a bit of a loner. I tend to think of myself as a one-man wolf pack. But when my sister brought Jay home, I knew he was one of my own. And my wolf pack... it grew by one. So there... there were two of us in the wolf pack... I was alone first in the pack, and then Jay joined in later. And six months ago, when Jay introduced me to CTS, I thought, "Wait a second, could it be?" And now I know for sure, I just added 30 more guys to my wolf pack. 30 of us wolves, running around the forests, in Simcoe, looking for berms and beer. So tonight, I make a toast!


  1. Nice love that last shot when the camera is falling down to fish good job greg!

  2. I love the ending! Greg must have been surpised to see that shot. He has left when Wayne did it. I'd like to see it in reverse. Greg can make anything look good. Great Job!


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